West Haddon Photo Club

Last Month

West Haddon Photographic Club – IN ACTION!

Our subject for July was ‘Action’ – as it happens. In preparation several members practised by taking photographs of West Haddon’s Cricket team over three different matches. We are pleased to report that not only did they win all three matches, but we got some great shots of them doing it! However, other images submitted were of planes, trains, birds, dogs, horses, cyclists and other athletes. In all of these, getting the exposure and depth of field right, as well as the moving object in sharp focus plus ensuring a good composition makes it a difficult task. Members voted David’s ‘Feed Me’ image of a house martin feeding its chick on the wing their favourite.  Close runners up were Matt’s ‘Aerial Sparks’ and Kelly’s ‘Splash’.’


Next month is a holiday!

Or at least, we don’t have our monthly ‘Show & Tell’ meeting in the Baptist Church hall!

BUT!    We do have a challenge. You will see the images in our header, a series of panoramas designed to fit the width of the page but not be so high that they fill the page. And we would like more, please!

So please get out with your camera, or search your archives, and help us refresh the header! The aspect ratio we need is approximately 4:1, but don’t worry about getting it exact: we can adjustt it to fit though that might need a little editorial cropping! But the subject is up to you!

Here’s an example from Nick Plant: Midnight at Tobermory.

Please send your images to me via my email address.