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May's Theme - Motion

Theme Winner

Thunder Coming

by David Kallmeier

Image of the Month Winner


by David Kallmeier

April's Theme - Weather

Our subject this month was Weather. You might think that as weather is all around us and we spend a lot of time looking at it and talking about it – it should be easy to photograph!

It’s not that easy! How to display rain, for instance, or wind? Snow and Ice, mist and fog are possibly easier but it can be difficult to find a good composition of these. Rainbow and lightning – now they can be very dramatic – but you have to be there when it happens, with your camera set up to shoot and ready to capture the image.

Our inventive members produced a diverse set of interpretations for the theme, covering many types of weather phenomena: lightning, frost, snow, mist, rain and clouds - like some sort of a nightmare weather forecast. Of all the photos shown at the meeting the members' favourite was 'Thunder Coming' by Davaid Kallmeier - a  lovely image of a summer meadow with a storm gathering in the sky, showing stunning contrast of bright flowers against a glowering sky.

As the Image of the Month photos had to be taken since the last meeting, it wasn't surprising that there was a Spring theme to many of them. Lambs, blossom and buds all featured. Of the images submitted by eight of our members the photo voted as the Image of the Month was David Kallmeier's 'Wolfhamcote' that captured the essence of a Spring day.

Capturing motion in a still photograph appears to be an oxymoron - motion can show as blurring and many photographers go to great lengths to avoid it. But blurring can be used to artistic effect to portray motion in an image, making it feel dynamic.

For May's meeting our members are faced with the challenge of showing motion in whatever way they wish (but not videos - we're a stills-only club).

Check back after next month's meeting (16th May) to see what moving pictures the members produced.

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6th Annual Photo Show

West Haddon Photo Club's photo show has been a popular annual event in past years and we hope to continue its success this year by exhibiting more photos than ever.

When:  Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th April, between 10am & 5pm

Where: All Saints' Church, West Haddon, NN6 7AP

Admission Free

For more information go to our Photo Show page.

We hope to see you there!

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