West Haddon Photo Club: RULES

These are draft rules for the conduct of the Club regarding photographs. Please read and comment to members@whphoto.club


West Haddon Photo Club  – Photographic Rules

These rules are designed to help members to provide appropriate images to the club as part of club activities and to understand both their rights and those of the club regarding the images.

1/ Images

                a/ Images must consist only of the work of the author.

                b/ The main part, or parts of the image must have been taken through a lens

c/ Images must be of an acceptable nature to the club. If a member is in doubt, an officer of the club should be consulted prior to submission. In the event of a dispute, the club committee shall be the final arbiter.

2/ Submission

a/ At each main monthly meeting, members may submit up to three digital images on the agreed theme. These images may not be re-submitted for other themes.

b/ Members may also submit one digital  ‘image of the month’ at each main meeting, which has to have been taken since the last main meeting. This image can be of any subject. These images may not be re-submitted at other meetings.

c/ These monthly images should be submitted (in order of preference):

  • On line prior to the day of meeting to the club drop box site
  • Sent via email prior to the day of the meeting  to members@whphoto.club
  • At the start of the meeting on a USB memory stick to the member operating the laptop

d/ images may be requested by the club, from time to time, for other purposes such as the website, the annual exhibition. 

3/ Use and Ownership

                a/ All images submitted by members remain in the sole ownership of the author.

b/ The submission of images to the club grants the club the right to use these images for the purposes of the club. These purposes may include, but not be limited to: publicity, website display, exhibitions and supporting local organisations and charities. Any income generated from the use of member’s images will belong to the author, unless agreed otherwise beforehand.

c/ Images submitted by members to the club will be stored on an appropriate digital media and may be used again in the future, unless otherwise requested by the member.


Draft Version 1     13/12/2016