West Haddon Photo Club

Architecture has long been a favourite theme for photographers, and I always thought that it meant heroic or innovative buildings, so I was intrigued to find a quotation from Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the well-esteemed German-American architect (1886-1969) who wrote:

Architecture starts when you carefully put two bricks together. There it begins.

He also wrote that “Less is more” and that “God is in the details” so perhaps we might have had a minimalist photo in black and white of two bricks put together – carefully! I particularly liked Geoff’s ‘Foundations’ but here are all the entries for the September meeting (there was no August meeting – summer holiday!

The voting for the theme image was well spread. We had 12 voting slips with 10 images receiving votes. The joint favourites being Adrian’s Windmill and Matthew J’s no 3 image (we think it’s Antwerp railway station).



The vote for the Image of the Month was almost as close : 7 images received votes with Simon’s ‘Fire’ being the favourite by a very small margin from Liz’s ‘Morraine Lake, Canada .’ Lis was really chuffed  –  it’s the first time any of her images have received a vote.; but it won’t be the last! Way to go, Liz!

September 2017: theme “Architecture”


September 2017: Images of the Month