West Haddon Photo Club

The processing challenge!

Here are the results of the processing challenge for which members download an image and process it to their liking. They then submit their edit, preferably with some notes about what they did to achieve their effect. The idea is for us to learn from others’ techniques.


Kevan sent the first submission for the challenge… and writes this:

 I first played with the white balance finally accepting the auto setting. The exposure was next adjusted, the highlights set to -100% to bring out the clouds, the shadow slider moved to 100% to bring out the foreground detail, ,,,, touch of clarity was added. This was followed by cropping to make the horizon level. I then had a play with vibrance, but decided not to change it. I then checked the highlights again and found that some of the clouds were “blown” out so I used the tone curve to correct the problem. A horizontal graduated filter was then used to alter the white balance of the clouds to emphasise the blueness of the sky. The overall exposure was then revised to what I considered acceptable. Finally before exporting the revised file I cropped the image to make the horizon on the horizontal bottom third line….

That’s it…not a great deal of difference but you can now see what’s happening in the foreground shadows and the sky has more ‘punch”