West Haddon Photo Club


Outings & Events!

Sometimes we organise outings, perhaps with a neighbouring club, and the photographs taken on those outings will appear here. It’s also where we can provide brief reports on other events like our technical meetings.


October 2017: the annual deer rut in Bradgate Park,

Kevan Brassington reports:

Somewhat anxiously on the afternoon of 21st October we gathered at the gates of Bradgate Park, the ancestral home of Lady Jane Grey the 9 day Queen of Henry VIIIth as storm Brian threatened our walk in the park’s deer sanctuary. Although overcast and a little windy Brian only produced a one short period of rain towards the end of our Ranger led walk. Members of the club were joined by two friends from our neighbouring club in Spratton.

Bradgate Park was the first enclosed as a deer park over 800 years ago. The deer sanctuary is normally off limits to the public and provides an area for the 400 deer that roam the 830 acre park to escape human attention. The deer are a mixture of native Red and Fallow deer that were introduced to Britain by the Normans after the original Roman imported stock became extinct after the Romans departure.

Our visit coincided with the deer rut and we are grateful to have permission to show some of images captured on the day which include images of stags with bracken adorned antlers and the action of stags clashing with each other to win the favours of their hinds.

All agreed that the visit was a great success that could be worth repeating next year.


January 2018

Our first technical meeting was hosted by Nick Plant, who covered the basics of camera controls. The meeting generated a lot of discussion and shared opinions from the eight members present. We all found the session useful and energizing –  and we all learned more about our cameras too!

 (Right) Kevan showing the meeting lots of very nice camera gear, and that vital ingredient of any technical discussion: coffee!


Footnote:The basics cover the relationship between shutter speed, aperture, and ISO: when to use fast shutters, wide-open lens, and what in the old days we would have called ‘a fast film’ along with how each affects the others. For an overview or to refresh your knowledge  you might like to look at this website explanation of the Exposure Triangle.