West Haddon Photo Club

A broad view – as we have come to expect from West Haddon Photo Club! – of the theme this month which was ‘Wildlife.’  Birds, butterflies, a whale and a seal, big cats, and a sheep! And the wildlife photographers are in good company:

If I wasn’t doing [comedy] I’d be making documentaries about wildlife and other subjects that interest me. John Cleese

But it was a gentle robin about to take off which members voted their favourite theme picture of the month. Well done Graham for a fine shot which is pin sharp with the wings blurred in motion.


And of course a wide variety of images this month in that part of the meeting devoted to photos taken since the last meeting. The favourite, as voted for by members on the night, was by Adrian, a delightful offering described by Nick Plant in the monthly West Haddon News as “a well spotted image of a flower  set against an old door, spotted with rusty bolts and peeling paint that was the members favourite. The textures and colour contrasts in this image are sublime.”


October 2017: theme “Wildlife”



October 2017: Images of the Month