Next year!

Next month

As usual, our December meeting theme is ‘Anything goes!’ – a chance for members to show off both their skills and their particular interests. Usual time, usual place: West Haddon Baptist Church Hall, 7pm for coffee, or tea, and biscuits, and the show starts at 7.30pm.

Next year: the plan!
We have lots of plans for the coming year, not least of which is Photo Show 6 on the weekend after Easter, 27-28th April 2019. More details of how to enter later, but it’s never too late to think ahead and take photos with a view to showing them as prints or slides. All subjects (with the obvious exceptions) and the Show is open to all. We’re particularly hoping this year to have more young snappers!

Other than Photo Show 6, there’s lots to do next year. Please look at the ‘2019 Calendar’ page for details.

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