West Haddon Photo Club

*** Removing the clutter! ***

Look at the image below as taken by Kevan Brassington on a club visit to All Saints Church to try out photographing floodlit buildings. Then compare it with the second ‘afterwards’ image and see what’s missing (with apologies to BT!) Want to be able to do that in Photoshop and/or Lightroom? Kevan will reveal all at our November Technical Session! 
PS Kevan has sent another example: see below!

As taken…

*** Removing the clutter no 2! ***

 Kevan writes:

An image the subject of which will be familiar to a number of you. It’s the bay window in Lacock Abbey that was the subject for the oldest known of Henry Fox Talbot’s pioneering photographs. It’s where in the 1830s he invented a process using a negative to produce repeatable positive prints. Photography in the form we know began at Lacock. My image is not the best and the National Trust did not help the composition by including a rope barrier, which with the help of Photoshop has been removed.

I have a number of images that I can use to demonstrate removal techniques. I would like others of you with knowledge of the software to join me and show how you tackle the same problem and those unfamiliar with Photoshop or Lightroom to let me have some of your images with objects on them that you would prefer not to be there so we can have a go at removing them.

Editor’s note: would it would be rude to report that an ‘unwantd’ letter seems to have been removed from Kevan’s poster?!