December 2016

Flat white by Trevor Jordan

A lively and well attended meeting this month! Our last in the school and made festive with biscuits and wine (many thanks to the generous donors!) our highly relevant monthly theme was ‘Food & Drink.’ As always we displayed three images from each participating member, and made friendly, but highly constructive, comments on them all. These monthly ‘Image & Critique’ are a great way to get feedback on images and technique, always positive and always very friendly. The coffee cup image shown here was thought to be our favourite of the evening-not “the best”, simply our favourite.

The image below is ‘Illuminated’ by Matthew Johnson, our favourite from the images of the month, photos taken since the previous meeting and of any subject. We liked Matt’s striking image very much and commented specially on the illumination (hence the title) of the man’s face. Where does the light illuminating his face come from? Suggestions welcomed in our comments section!

Click here to see all the images from our December 2016 meeting!

[ Illuminated, by Matthew Johnson