West Haddon Photo Club

Join us!

Joining the West Haddon Photo Club is open to anyone interested in photography. Our members have a wide range of experience from beginners to experts, and they use a vast range of equipment from very simple cameras to the latest digital single lens reflex cameras. The important thing is that we all love photography, and enjoy the company of other photographers and an opportunity to chat about the pictures we take.

If you’re interested in joining, you might like to come to a regular monthly meeting and say “hello” and see what we are about. We won’t charge you for a couple of meetings you attend like that, and then we hope you might join the Club but you would be welcome to come to occasional meetings without joining when we will charge you just £3 each meeting to cover refreshment costs and the cost of hiring the hall.

You can fill out an application form at any meeting you attend, or use the form below (click down arrow on the toolbar to download it, fill it in and let us have it back along with the applicable membership fee: see the form for the current rates.)

We require that a parent or guardian countersign the form for young people aged 16 or less.

We hope you will enjoy being a member of West Haddon Photo Club! We look forward to meeting you.

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