West Haddon Photo Club


When you click on the “Our Forums” link you will see the list of available forums. Click on the forum you want to enter. If you are starting a new topic, click the button, which says +New Topic. Type in the subject of your post (this will help others to find it) and then type in your text.

You may choose a file to upload from your computer, or you can drag and drop the file onto the Choose File button. You may insert up to three files per post, no file may be more than 15 MB, and only picture formats are permitted. You will see the filename of your picture appear in the field the right of the Choose File button and below it the opportunity to add another file. You won’t see the actual picture until the post is published.

If you click the “subscribe to this topic” I don’t know what happens: I expect it will send you an email saying that the topic has been added to, but so far have no way of knowing how you put your email address in so ignore that for the moment.

Click the Submit button (or, of course, Cancel the process) and your post will appear.

If when you go to a forum page there is already a topic and you want to reply to it, then of course click the Reply button, after which the process is the same as before.

Returning to the list of forums.

At the top of the page there is a trail of breadcrumbs, e.g. Forum > General Photo Chat > Welcome! Clicking on one of the breadcrumbs will take you back to the appropriate place in the forum, and of course the website navigation menu is at the top of the page.

An illustrated version of these instructions will follow when I have time to do it.