West Haddon Photo Club

Photo Show 5

All Saints’ Church, West Haddon

Saturday 28th April and Sunday 29th April

About Photo Show 2018

Photo Show 2018 is West Haddon Photo Club’s 5th annual show and, like our previous shows, is being staged to provide local photographers and club members with an opportunity to display their work and to encourage other aspiring, but perhaps less active photographers to dust off their cameras and have a go.

Photo Show 2018:

  • Is for anyone, whether you have the latest high-tech camera, a mobile phone or a cherished print produced years ago from a film camera.
  • All photos from whatever camera you have will be welcome.
  • Images can be prints or digital les that will be shown on a rolling video display.
  • Entries may be of any subject , subject to common-sense exceptions. They may be digital or they may be prints.
  • Images may have been taken at any time. However, images displayed in previous West Haddon Photo Shows will not be accepted.

Whatever your photographic skills and equipment,
if you want to share your images with West Haddon and our visitors
then Photo Show 2018 is for you!