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Mountains everywhere @ WHPhoto!

The subject for our September meeting was Mountain Scenery and 36 images were submitted. Mountains from all over the world were represented, some complete with snow, lakes, canoes, rivers, glaciers, buildings and, of course, people to give an idea of the scale.

Photographing mountains means the photographer has to cope with a huge range of exposure from dark forest, to bright sky and almost pure white snow and ice. The depth of field often has to be long and the composition can be very tricky. The image needs to allow the viewer to see the mountain in the context of its surroundings and to understand the scale of the towering peaks.

Many of our images accomplished all these things brilliantly. Members chose Kevans ‘Meteora’ image of mountainous Greece, and  Nick’s ‘Athabaska River’ and Geoff’s ‘Aprica Post’ were worthy  runners up.

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August 2018 Images of the Month

Our Images of the month (taken since our last meeting) ranged from wildlife and architecture to landscapes and children but the clear favourite by far was Tom’s ‘B17’. A close up image of the flying fortress Memphis Belle in flight, on a banked turn. This mono image looks as though Tom was up in the air himself. However, because the plane was banking at a low level he was able to achieve his great image.

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