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From this page you can link to the galleries containing the images that were submitted by the members and shown in the monthly club meetings. The photos shown below are the ones voted as members' favourite Theme image at each of these meetings.

If you want to see all the images shown at the meetings for the Theme and for Image of the Month (so you can choose your favourite), plus images taken during our outings, then click on the headings or photos below to be taken to the gallery pages.

It may seem strange to want to use black and white when such vibrant colours are available from modern cameras. However, sometimes black and white suits the subject and captures the atmosphere in a way colour never can.



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Some of the club members met up on a cold Saturday morning in Northampton to try their hand at street photography.


Bradgate Park in Leicestershire is home to three species of deer. Each year, during the rut, a limited number of members of the public are allowed into part of the park that's normally off limits.

Members didn't have to go far for this outing. All Saints' church will turn on its floodlights by request and the club used one of these occasions to take some photos.

Gloucester Cathedral Cloisters by David Kallmeier

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