Listed below are links to the websites of other photography clubs, camera equipment retailers, bloggers, providers of tutorials and advice that West Haddon Photo Club members feel may be useful. If there's any photography sites you think others would find useful let one of the committee members know or email so they can be added to the list.

Please note that inclusion on the list does not mean endorsement by West Haddon Photo Club.

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Other Local Photo & Camera Clubs

Camera Equipment Retailers

Imaging & Editing Software

  • darktable - A powerful, sophisticated and free alternative to Adobe Lightroom. Help, in the form of a user manual, FAQs and tutorials, is available on darktable's Resources page.
  • Sunny 16 Guide Wheel - Do you want to stop relying on your camera to set the exposure, or start learning the relationship between aperture, shutter speed and ISO? This DIY exposure wheel will help. Set it to the ISO and weather conditions (sunshine, cloudy, etc.) and it will suggest the aperture and shutter speed.

Photography News & Media