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October's Theme - Energy

Another year draws towards its end and 2020 is one most of us will be happy to see the back of. Before then we have the colourful spectacle of autumn foliage on trees, and it is Autumn Colour that we've made our theme for November. We're sure we'll see great photos full of rich browns, oranges and yellows at the next meeting on November 19th - we're equally sure our members will submit some interesting interpretations on the theme too.


To help the members obtain images for this theme we've organised a trip to Badby Wood (see our Calendar page). Details of when and where to meet have been sent out. If you're a WHPC member and still want to come along then get in touch with the Secretary for more information.


Please submit your Autumn Colour and Image of the Month photos by noon on 19th November.

After such an energetic start to the evening, members settled back to review images submitted for Image of the Month. Deer, a somewhat worse for wear pheasant, flamingos, family and (more) dogs all featured. But this month's joint favourite images were both landscapes: Kevan Brassington's Bridge to Autumn (above, middle) with a foretaste of this season's colours, and Loughrigg Fell by Adrian Chandler (above, right) - the rising sun catching the top of the fell above morning mist.


All the photos submitted this month can be seen on the gallery page.

gallery/1_Fizzing with Energy_DaveM

On one hand this month's theme of 'Energy' was somewhat vague and diffuse, but on the other this gave members the opportunity to flex their imagination muscles and submit a set of images that were both varied and interesting. We had photos of subjects using energy (dogs mainly!) and producing energy - wind, wave, steam, water, thermal, electrically and jet powered.


However, the most popular image of those attending this month's Zoom meeting, and fully fitting the theme, was of something that delivers energy and doesn't usually get a second glance. Dave Moorhouse's photo Fizzing With Energy (below, left) is a simple but arresting image of an electricity pylon partly lit by corona discharges from the high-tension cables ionizing the surrounding air.

gallery/IOM_Bridge to Autumn_Kevan

Theme for November - Autumn Colour


Sports Photography Presentation - Mark Pain

Mark Pain (right) is a leading sports photographer who has been nominated Sports Photographer of the Year twice in the British Press Awards and Olympics Photographer Of The Year by the UK Guild Of Picture Editors.


We were very pleased to host an online presentation from Mark on 8th October in conjunction with our friends from Inspire Club and the Spratton Photography Group. As a perk of membership WHPC members were able to attend this event free.


There's a brief report about the presentation on our Calendar page. You can see more of Mark's work on his website.

gallery/Mark Pain
gallery/ncf logo

Spratton Photography Group Online Photo Show

Our friends in Spratton Photography Group held their 3rd Photo Show between 10th and 18th October. This year the show was held online and everyone was invited to submit a total of five digital images in seven different categories, and then to vote for their favourites.


The period for voting has now closed and the results will be announced soon, but the show is still viewable on the Spratton Photography Group website. Some of our members entered images so we wish them good luck with the votes.


West Haddon Photo Club won't be holding a show this year (it's back at the end of April 2021, hopefully) so this is a great opportunity to share your photos with a wider audience.

Spratton Photo Show Poster
gallery/Loughrigg Fell