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September's Theme - Less is More

According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica: 'E = mc2, equation in German-born physicist Albert Einstein’s theory of special relativity that expresses the fact that mass and energy are the same physical entity and can be changed into each other'.


Whilst it's possible that members will seek to exploit the fact that as theoretically anything is energy they can submit photos of whatever they like, we're really hoping that images will be of something producing, using or showing energy. If they can summon the energy to do so...


Please submit your Energy and Image of the Month photos by noon on 15th October.

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August Challenge - Changing Times

gallery/2_Gaps - Adrian

The Image of the Month category allows members to submit photos of anything they like, as long as it was taken in the last month. There's always a degree of anticipation to see what will be submitted and we were treated to a good variety of subjects: babies, birds and bathing pools, amongst others.


The photo that received the most votes was Tony Teague's Fag Break (above, right), an atmospheric study of someone lighting a cigarette.


All the photos submitted this month can be seen on the gallery page.

gallery/IoM_Fag Break_Tony Teague

Even though the WHPC hadn't met for only one month due to the summer break, it seemed we'd been away longer and it was great to meet up for September's meeting, albeit only via Zoom.


Our theme of 'Less is More' was proposed to encourage minimalist images - pared back to emphasise the subject by removing unnecessary objects from the scene and the use of negative space. By reducing visual clutter (less) you add impact (more). As usual members provided us with photos with much more left-field interpretations; less as in (the) few (a Spitfire) and an exhausted Civil War re-enactor - phew!


From the excellent images the members had to choose from they voted two as their joint favourites: Blue Eye by David Kallmeier (below, left) and World of Their Own by Adrian Chandler (below, middle).

gallery/2_blue eye_david

As the club does not have a meeting in August we always set ourselves a photo challenge for this month. This year, with the pandemic and its impact on the nation in mind we chose the subject of ‘Changing Times’.


Some members chose to compare and contrast old times with the current day, some showed the proliferation of pandemic notices advising us on how to keep safe and others the changing behaviours of people keeping themselves and others as safe as possible.


Members voted to decide on their favourite photo and the one with the most votes was Adrian Chandler's Gaps - a stunning but simple view of the interior of Coventry Cathedral and its famous tapestry – but with just a few chairs well spaced out across the whole space.


All the images for the August Challenge can be seen on its gallery page.

Theme for October - Energy

gallery/Fanning the Fields

Sports Photography Presentation - Mark Pain

Mark Pain is a leading sports photographer who, unsurprisingly judging by his superb image of a diver (right), has been nominated Sports Photographer of the Year twice in the British Press Awards and Olympics Photographer Of The Year by the UK Guild Of Picture Editors.


We're pleased to say that we will be hosting an online presentation from Mark on 8th October at 7:30pm (log in to Zoom from 7:15) in conjunction with our friends from Inspire Club and the Spratton Photography Group. As a perk of membership of WHPC you will be able to attend this event free. A link will be emailed to members soon.


In the meantime you can see more of Mark's work on his website.

gallery/Mark Pain Poster
gallery/ncf logo

After the hiatus of the summer break the WHPC has yawned, stretched and is now eager to restart meetings and activities. There's quite a bit of stuff coming up, so check below and join us for the new season of photo-based fun.

Spratton Photography Group Online Photo Show

Our friends in Spratton Photography Group are holding their 3rd Photo Show, starting 10th October and ending on 18th October. This year the show will be held online and they are inviting everyone to submit a total of five digital images in seven different catgories.


Dates for submissions are between 21st and 25th September inclusive. More details and the rules are available on their website.


West Haddon Photo Club won't be holding a show this year (it's back next April, hopefully) so this is a great opportunity to show your photos to a wider audience.

Spratton Photo Show Poster

Technical Meeting - Image Processing

September's Technical Meeting was originally on the subject of Camera Settings but, because the subject doesn't lend itself to being done virtually, we thought an alternative might be to have a go at RAW and jpeg processing.


All members have been given access to three images (two RAW files and a jpeg) that they can process and enhance in their own way and then submit. We will then look at members' different interpretations of the same images and also discuss and share individual workflow methods. There's no obligation to submit anything if you just want to attend and see how others have edited them.


The meeting will be held via Zoom on 24th September. More information, including where to find and submit the images, has been emailed to members.

gallery/3_World of Their Own_Adrian Chandler