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June's Theme - Waterways

Prepare to don your sunglasses - July's theme is a Splash of Colour and we expect to be dazzled by all the hues in the rainbow, and possibly beyond if someone submits an infrared image. The date of the meeting is 16th July.

To help our members be even more creative we held a Technical Session on 25 June - How to Colour Pop. This technique is used by the photographer to turn an image black and white apart from a single colour, demonstrated on the right by David Kallmeier's photo of a post box. If you missed this session, take a look at the Creating Spot Colour in a Monochrome Image on the Tutorials page.

We'll be holding the Splash of Colour theme meeting via Zoom and an email with a link to this meeting will be sent to all members. Just click on the link to open the Zoom session via a browser, click on the buttons to start your audio and video and you should be good to go.

Please submit your Splash of Colour and Image of the Month photos by noon on 16th July.

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At the end of a suitably wet and rainy day WHPC members met to appreciate and discuss images with the theme of waterways. Rivers, canals, docks, seas, harbours and all that float on them or go over them were subjects in the photos members submitted.

WHPC Members' Theme for July - Splash of Colour

gallery/2_Mawddach_Adrian Chandler

If nothing else the lockdown has helped us appreciate the beauty and drama all around us. This is perfectly demonstrated by David Kallmeier's Resting Damsel (right). A photo of a blue tit with a beakful of grubs by Tony Teague was the runner up.

All the photos submitted this month can be seen on the gallery page.

gallery/IOM_Resting Damsel_david k

Despite an easing of the lockdown restrictions are still such that members are having to search their old images to find ones suitable for this month's theme.

Remember when you could travel to Wales? Well Adrian Chandler dusted off a moody photo of the Mawddach estuary (left) which was voted the member's favourite, closely followed by Tony Teague's Millwall Inner Dock panorama.