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Our first meeting of 2023 and, apart from holding our AGM, we were back to our usual format of showing members' images based on a theme, then a session viewing photos taken since the last meeting. This month's theme was Curves, Circles and Shapes which pretty much covers any subject! However, the images members submitted predominately featured the first two categories and they produced some pleasing pictures.


You'll be aware that curves and circles feature widely in the natural and built environment and our members used them to great effect - there were photos of curvaceous cars, canals and ceilings, sinuous sculptures and steam locos, bowed bridges and buildings.


Members' votes for their favourite image were spread widely amongst the submissions, but the most popular was Sea View by Graham Fowler, who used a glass ball to distort the image of a beach just after sunset.

Curves, Circles & Shapes - January's Theme

February's Theme - Animal Kingdom

For February's Show and Tell meeting we're asking our members to submit photos on the theme of the Animal Kingdom. We're looking forward to seeing a wide range of subjects, from big cats seen on safaris to small cats seen on sofas; prairie dogs to playful dogs - there's huge scope.


This month sees us introduce a new category - in addition to digital images we're inviting members to submit up to two prints which can be the same or different to their submitted digital images. We're looking forward to seeing what members show us.


To see what other themes and events are coming up throughout the year have a look on our 2023 Programme page.


If you're not a member and there's anything on there you'd like to participate in then get in touch or come along to one of our meetings - the first two Show and Tell meetings are free.

Compose Yourself - A Talk By Jonathan Vaines

Wellcome Staircase by Jonathan Vaines

For our first Knowledge Night of 2023 we welcomed Jonathan Vaines who gave us a lavishly illustrated talk called Compose Yourself. Jonathan will be addressed what is, arguably, the most important aspect of photography - composition. As he says on his website:


"This is in introduction to what many people find a 'Black Art'. We all know we have to compose our images but what is composition? This talk introduces you to the basics of composition and some more complex ways of structuring a photograph."


Jonathan covered a wide range of compositional guides covering the rule of thirds, Fibonacci spirals, patterns, odd numbers, pairs, colour and light (phew) and others, each with an example image. After a break during which we viewed some of Jonathan's prints, he showed us some more photos, explaining which compostional tools and guidelines he had used. It was a most informative and useful evening and we all resolved to use what we had learned.


Details of other events are on our 2023 Programme page - membership of WHPC gives free access to all events.

Astrophotography - A Talk By Dave Eagle

Dave Eagle will be coming to give us a talk about astrophotography for our February Knowledge Night. This branch of photography often produces breathtaking images but many photographers are put off trying it by the perceived barrier of expert knowledge and expensive equipment.


With that in mind we've asked Dave if he would tailor his talk to what can be achieved by 'ordinary' photographers, with the sort of equipment they already possess. We're looking forward to his talk in anticipation of it enthusing our members to try it out for themselves. Have a look at some of Dave's images on his informative website - one of his images of the Andromeda Galaxy is on the left.


The venue for this is Baptist Hall, Guilsborough Road, West Haddon, NN6 7AD - 7pm for 7:30pm on Thursday 23rd February. The talk is free for WHPC members, £5 for non-members - cash at the door. Seats are limited, so please reserve yours by emailing


Details of other events are on our 2023 Programme page - membership of WHPC gives free access to all events.

Photos submitted for the Image of the Month round have to have been taken since the last meeting and many members commented that the weather and Christmas lethargy ha dmade this more of a challenge. They still produced images taken from locations in the North, South and East of the country.


A couple of our more canny members stayed in the warm at home to create still life studies. It was one of these - Geoff Moorhouse's Still Life - that was voted as our favourite.


All images submitted this month on the Members' Images page. Let us know which ones you would have voted for.