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We're in a reflective mood for March's theme. Reflections are a common theme in photography as they provide a huge creative opportunity, not just mountains mirrored in a lake but also as a way to see subjects in a different way. Members might also reflect on past experiences through their photography.


Please submit your Reflections photos by noon on 18th March.


This and all the other themes for next year are on our Calendar page. If you're not a member and there's anything on there you'd like to participate in then get in touch and come along to one of our meetings.


The snowy theme drifted over into some of the photos members had chosen to show for their images of the month. Others experimented with macro photography, producing some striking images; the creative opportunities provided by mist and long exposure were also used. It was one of the mist pictures - Morning Mist by Ian Dalzell - that was the runner up.


Pets always make great subjects, especially when interacting with their surroundings. This behaviour was brilliantly caught by Simon Welch's in his image Explore - his cat experiencing snow for the first time, reaching out to catch a snowflake and was voted the members' favourite Image of the Month.


All the photos submitted this month can be seen on the gallery page.

Another record attendance by members to the Show and Tell Winter theme meeting - well, what else have they got to do on a winter's evening? Those that came along were rewarded by a wide selection of images of snow, ice and frost, it was enough to make you turn up the heating. Some, more canny, members opted to stay indoors and aim their camera out of the window, or simply use an open fire as their subject.


Once again a strong set of photos meant that votes for the members' favourite image was evenly spread - there were four pictures that were runners up and another three only just behind them.


The members' favourite image was Can't See Me by David Kallmeier - a remarkable picture of a hare trying to make itself invisible in the snow.

Winter - February's Theme Images

March's Theme - Reflections

Interesting Stuff - Justin Minns Talk

Justin Minns is an award-winning landscape photographer based in Suffolk, who is best known for his atmospheric images of East Anglia. Time spent looking at the images in his website gallery will be well rewarded - there are many beautiful and evocative pictures that capture the character of the places he photographs. He has written a photo guidebook called Photographing East Anglia and is curently working on another - Essex in Photographs.


On the evening of February 25th Justin gave his talk Interesting Stuff via Zoom, which he described as, 'A quest to find interesting subjects to photograph is one of the things that keeps me motivated, the question is what makes an interesting photograph, the subject or the photographer?'.


We were indeed treated to an interesting talk, lavishly illustrated by Justin's landscape images of Suffolk, Essex and further afield. There's a brief report on the Calendar page.