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July's Theme - Splash of Colour

The power of simplicity, keeping it simple, minimalism. These are the concepts we are going to explore in the theme for September.

The idea of less is more is to remove distractions and clutter from your image to emphasise the subject. Negative space (the space around and between the subject(s) of an image) is often used in this type of photography, for example a single tree on the horizon with an expanse of sky above. The artists among you will be familiar with this.

Please submit your Less is More and Image of the Month photos by noon on 17th September.

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This month's theme encouraged our members to submit some truly colourful images, exploring various meanings of 'splash'. There was light splashed on a bowl, a splash of green on a frog, fruit making a colourful splash and, most popular, a single object picked out in colour in a black and white photo.

August Challenge - Changing Times

gallery/3_Cherry Splash_Kevan
gallery/Line of Wire Shopping Trolleys

With the easing of lockdown we've been able to expand our horizons at last, but with a couple of exceptions the photos in this month's Image of the Month section were taken locally.

A photo taken locally but of an object many millions of miles away received the most votes from the members - Neowise by Adrian Chandler. In the past comets were seen as harbingers of disaster. Let's hope this one is just late, not a foretelling of worse to come.

Runner up was Nick Plant's Bees at the Centre, a picture of bees on a sunflower.

All the photos submitted this month can be seen on the gallery page.

gallery/IOM_Neowise_Adrian Chandler

This meeting was our most popular since we started holding them virtually and the quality of the photos the highest too, which meant choosing one to vote for was particularly difficult. This was reflected in the spread of votes for the members' favourite, resulting in a three-way tie for the photos with the most votes.

In the order they appear below those images were Cherry Splash by Kevan Brassington, Beach Huts by Paul Lewis and Damselfly by Adrian Chandler.

gallery/2_Damselfly_Adrian Chandler
gallery/1_Beach Huts_Paul

"May you live in interesting times", goes the old curse and judging by events so far in 2020 we have certainly been doing that. The WHPC committee were wondering how the club could document the changes we've made to our lives to cope with the pandemic.

So the committee decided that this year's August Challenge should be Changing Times. The challenge is to submit up to three photos that reflect the changes, trials, tribulations and even advantages that have occurred around you.

These images should have been taken in July, August and up to the meeting on 17th September when we'll show them. Please submit your August Challenge photos by noon on 17th September.

September Theme - Less is More


Sports Photography Presentation - Mark Pain

Mark Pain is a leading sports photographer who, unsurprisingly judging by his superb image of a diver (right), has been nominated Sports Photographer of the Year twice in the British Press Awards and Olympics Photographer Of The Year by the UK Guild Of Picture Editors.

We're pleased to say that we will be hosting an online presentation from Mark on 8th October in conjunction with our friends from Inspire Club and the Spratton Photography Group. As a perk of membership of WHPC you will be able to attend this event free.

More details will be provided to members closer to the time. In the meantime you can see more of Mark's work on his website.

gallery/DIVER 1 Orig
gallery/ncf logo